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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's your lucky day - kitchen and dining


I started painting the (rest of) the kitchen one night after Aspen went to bed because I knew I was going to make my step-dad hang curtains for me when he came to visit the next day.

We've been curtain-less since we moved in because I needed to paint before hardware was hung (because I'm so lazy and knew I'd never finish painting if  had the excuse that there was already hardware and curtains hanging happily) and I wish  hadn't waited so long to finish the job.

The thing is, we get a lot of morning sun through these windows, which completely blinds me when Aspen orders me to sit opposite her at the kitchen table. It was getting really old eating my breakfast with my eyes closed to keep the sun from blinding me.

So when Marc came to town and asked what he could do to help with the house, I had a few things in mind. The first was hanging the TV on the wall, but that was a total bust so we moved on to curtains. They're about 12 inches too long, but Amanda is going to hem them for me since she's already making me a skirt and why not continue taking advantage of her skills and kindness?

I love these curtains. They let in light but still offer the privacy I've wanted the last two months. They also slide really easily so I can open the back door without a problem. You may have noticed Maddie's dog door in the first picture- which is heaven-sent, I tell ya! I love not having to let her out a million times a day.

Next up is getting different hardware for the window over the sink, because apparently I bought an incompatible kind for the type of window/curtain I have. We also need to replace our wobbly ceiling fan and repaint the peacock blue wall since Kev did some patching there. Then the kitchen will pretty much be done!


  1. Yay for the curtains sounds miserable having the blinding sun in your eyes. And doggy doors are wonderful! I can't believe we didn't put one in sooner.

  2. I know, the doggy door is the BEST!! So much better than in the rental, where I had to put Maddie in the backyard THROUGH A WINDOW.


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