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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It's your lucky day - trimmed up

Okay, I thought the stairs looked a million times better just painted, but they look even better than that with the trim painted white. Seeing them finished makes me want to paint the entry walls right now (even though there's still a pony wall to build).

Things are really dragging lately; Kev and I are exhausted by the time we tackle getting Aspen in bed and that leaves very little energy for all the projects on our lists. I really hoped that once we started spending every waking moment outside Aspen would resume taking some quiet time in her room again. But no such luck. So all the energy I used to put toward painting is now put toward surviving Aspen's non-stop afternoon tantrums. I need to figure out how to muster up a second wind after she goes to bed so I can finish painting the kitchen, start the en suite bath and paint all the patch jobs Kev did throughout the house. And let's not even talk about the basement. I think I'll wait on that until my sister comes back to Utah and wants to earn her keep via manual labor/babysitting.

See how the stairs used to look HERE.


  1. I'm sure you've tried a million things with Aspen already but since they're the same age... the only way lately I can get Makai to take a nap is if I lay down with him. He just has a hard time getting his body to hold still long enough to fall asleep. So we have family nap time after lunch and every couple of minutes I just remind him to close his eyes and hold still. It takes about a half hour or so before he falls asleep but it is so worth it. Then comes the task of sneaking out of the room without making any sounds at all. Good luck, I know all too well no nap days typically turn out crazy so I'm sorry you're having a whole streak of them.

  2. I am with Melissa. Jesse will not nap now unless I lay down with him. Since the boys share a room, I put Bodee down in their room and lay down with Jesse in my room. I also feel for you in the exhaustion dept. since Jesse does not go to bed until 9:30 and we too are painting our entire house. We are putting our house on the market next Spring and I wanted to add a fresh coat of paint and tie up loose ends well before selling so I can at least enjoy my hard work. It has only been a few days but I have already spend over ten hours painting and all that is done is the kitchen and half of the bathroom. Both rooms have chair rail and different colors so I only will devote one color a night. Last night I went to bed after 2 AM. Oh well, it is looking good. :)


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