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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Penny's preschool

I put our paint chips to good use creating a matching game for Aspen. It's too bad she liked it because the next morning she accidentally spilled her juice all over it. That's what I get for leaving it on the table. Oh bother.

I just cut paint chips in half and taped one to a blank paper, and the other to a spoon so they'd be easier to pick up. When I realized Aspen wanted to match them face down, I wrote the color names on the spoon, too. We're not learning to spell right now, but I figured it can't hurt to show her the names of the colors.

I've found that scheduling a lot of little activities in the afternoon (like this matching game, then something with beads, then playing trains, then XYZ) helps keep her from feeling all the rage that usually pops up due to sleep deprivation. She chooses when she's done with one activity and then I just move her right along to the next thing.We've also been going to one of the parks right by our house and sometimes bagging any quiet time altogether in the afternoons. Attempting to put Aspen in her room for even 10 minutes seems to be too much for her to handle right now without her sobbing for me to let her out.

So... we're doing what we can to get through this phase of toddler rage. Any tips?

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