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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A break from PPD posts so Aspen can brag about her Daddy

As part of Kev's Father's Day stuff, I had Aspen answer some questions about him (because this girl is HILARIOUS) using this little form I found on Pinterest. Kev and I laughed so hard together when I read it to him after she went to bed that day (I couldn't wait until Father's Day, naturally). We don't have our computer + printer situation working right now, so instead of actually filling out the form, I just wrote everything down. It'd be fun to print and use the form so it could go in a scrapbook, or be scanned and put directly into a blog/blog book. But y'know, make do with what you have. Below you can read my questions to Aspen, followed by her answers.

Me: What is your Dad's name?
Aspen: KEVIN! Just like Milo's daddy is named Kevin too!

M: How old is your Dad?
A: 7. I don't know!

M: How tall is your Dad?
A: Big and smart and tall!

M: How much does Daddy weight? How heavy is he?
A: Too big for mom to hold.

M: What's Daddy's favorite food to eat?
A: Twizzlers and chicken nuggets (she was eating a Twizzler at the time).

M: What makes your Daddy happy?
A: Swinging with me.

M: What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

M: What makes your Dad mad?
A: When I don't go potty (YES THIS IS TRUE!).

M: What's your Dad's favorite thing to do?
A: Run and chase elephants and me (I have no idea where this came from but I like it).

M: What is your Dad good at? What can he do?
A: He's good at doing a lot of things.

M: What does your Daddy always tell you?

M: Why does Daddy love you, Aspen?
A: I swing!

This was a really fun activity and I look forward to having her answer these questions for a few more years to come to see how they change.

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