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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's your lucky day - ensuite bathroom

Last week Kev hung our master bathroom medicine cabinet and I was giddy. Having it up meant I could finally shower and completely get ready in our bathroom instead of heading to Aspen's and commandeering that space.

The only downside of having the mirror hung is now we can see (in the reflection) that the door casing is unfinished, whereas before we could more easily ignore it. Aaaand... we haven't hung towel rods/hooks yet so that is kind of a situation. But those are small inconveniences when you otherwise have a fully functioning bathroom!

Having our own bathroom is a first for us, and I feel so fancy! Now that Aspen is mostly-potty trained it really did become a hassle sharing a bathroom with her. There's always a step stool or potty in the way and a tub full of toys. Now I don't care! I just walk down the hall to my own bathroom and enjoy locking the door for a few minutes of peace.

wall color: peacock blue by glidden // vanity: pre-existing in the house // medicine cabinet: lillagen by ikea // decorative boxes: target dollar spot


  1. Love the paint color. It looks great! And I know what ya mean about sharing a bathroom and stools being in the way.


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