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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Party time at Uncle Seth's

A few weeks ago Seth invited me and Aspen over so she could have a sleepover in a tent. Kev had quite a few really busy weekends with work and house projects so we got out of his way and enjoyed some time with my favorite older brother.

On a separate visit, he and Aspen had just played in the tent in the living room, and she was really disappointed when I made her come home with me and go to sleep in a stupid old regular non-tent-bed. So, of course, Seth promised she could come back and have a sleepover in it soon. This guy always keeps a promise. We actually went back over to visit the same week and he put the tent up in one of the bedrooms for Aspen.

She was so excited! There is a little pocket hanging from the top of the tent's interior and she put all her ponies in it while Seth read her stories. She loved having blankets piled up for her to sleep on as well as a sleeping bag. It was such a fun experience for her and she often makes me replicate it by creating blanket forts with kitchen chairs and other creative building materials in her room at home. Many a night has she spent sleeping on the floor of her room, pretending the forts I make are as cool as a real tent at Uncle Seth's house.

Don't worry, Aspen, I have a feeling Uncle Seth is going to once again give you the best birthday present ever.

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