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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Postpartum wrap up

Thanks for sticking around for a week and a half of postpartum depression/psychosis posts (as well as various other topics related to postpartum issues) here on the blog. I've been mulling over those posts and the information I found while researching them and it has resonated so deeply with me.

I get that it isn't a comfortable topic. I get that some people will still think I'm a bad parent and don't deserve my daughter. I also get that my feelings and experiences are normal, although unfortunate. I am not ashamed of my struggles, although I regret sometimes letting them get the best of me.

My intention with this series was to increase understanding and awareness of these trials. I also needed it to help me find strength and support for my own demons. I hope that I (and my gracious contributors) have offered the same to someone else.

Now, if you're ready to switch gears, I'll see you back here later today for a very un-depressing bathroom update. Sound good?

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