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Friday, June 07, 2013

Reading rainbow

Aspen and I visit the public library at least once a week. We not only try to attend the story times, but we go for the heck of it. Sometimes we sit and read books FOREVER, sometimes we just zip in and out and get a few items.

Yesterday, since Aspen was coughing a lot, I wanted to run in and grab a few movies. We already had a library box full of books in Aspen's room and I just wanted some shows to keep her occupied when she wasn't feeling well.

We ended up getting videos and adding a few more books to our bag to take home. At the counter as I unloaded video after video, the librarian raised his eyebrows at me.

"No books today?"

I quickly shoved my hand into our bag and pulled out the books Aspen had picked off the shelves. I admit I was desperate to prevent him from judging me for taking my toddler to the library and only checking out SEVEN movies.

Thankfully, after all our items were checked out, the librarian printed a receipt that shows all the titles we have. It included the 15 books we had checked out last week and still have at home. I felt pretty validated after he scanned through that list and said he'd see us again soon.

Don't judge me library man! I'm reading to my kid (and maybe watching one movie a day since there's no such thing as nap time in my house anymore)!

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  1. No joke! You can tell from aspens vocabulary and manner that she definitely gets read too. I hate feeling judged on my parenting skills too.


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