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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tia Phia at the farm

My sister, Sophia, FINALLY moved back to Utah. She served an LDS mission in Chile and returned to Maine in May. Then she spent the last month vacationing on the east coast/spending time with our parents/meeting our new nephew/yada yada yada until she was ready to return to the cool kids (i.e. ME AND SETH). Thank goodness!

I picked her up from the airport last Wednesday night and she stayed with us until Friday. Aspen loved having her Aunty at her beck and call, and so did I. We went to Wheeler Farm on Friday morning and got to show Sophia how not-brave Aspen is when it comes to real animals.

We were really lucky there was a PONY!! at the farm this trip. I've never seen one there before, so I don't know if he's new or if I've just been blind that last eleventy billion times we've been to the farm. It was the best part of our visit because Aspen actually got out of her stroller and stood on her own two feet and touched the fence mere inches from that pony's face. HIS REAL-LIVE FACE.

It was a beautiful day at the farm and I enjoyed showing Sophia around and having her basically nanny Aspen the whole time. It was pretty traumatic when Sophia had to leave us to live at Uncle Seth's house (his spare room is ready for guests, whereas none of mine are. Boo!).

But the fun didn't stop after the farm! Next up I'll tell you how much we all enjoyed Aspen's first sleepover away from both her parents. Hint: she screamed when we returned for her the next day.

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  1. Yay, Sophia!!! :) So much fun! That farm sounds really cool, I wish we had something like that around here. Henry loves animals, although I think our cat has semi-scarred him bc Jay-Z hates Henry haha. Oops?


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