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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birds of a feather

The Pass of All Passes offers $1/person admission to the Tracy Aviary on Tuesdays, so we took advantage of it yet again and headed out with some friends. Aspen actually walked around most of the time instead of hiding in her stroller, so I was really impressed with this visit.

The flowers seemed especially beautiful this trip and next time I go I want to take notes on what they have growing here. Maybe, just maybe, some of it could survive in my yard with me as gardener. Maybe.

I always love the owls when we go, but I think the flamingos are my other favorite thing to see at the Aviary. They were talking a lot this trip and Kim even spotted the fluffy little baby flamingo so it was extra exciting.

I'm really glad we're finding regular things to do in SLC and surrounding areas. I'm grateful we have so many inexpensive and/or free options to keep us busy this summer. Even if we do come home from a morning of fun so Aspen can throw an hour-long tantrum. But let's be honest; that tantrum was going to happen anyway.

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