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Friday, July 19, 2013

Call me pony

We had an amazing development occur this week in our family. Aspen TOUCHED AN ANIMAL. Sure, she has a real dog and she isn't afraid of dogs in general. Yes, in theory she likes the farm and the zoo and birds in our yard. But get this kid in front of an actual animal and she loses her composure.

But there's something about that pony at Wheeler Farm that speaks to her. She hopped out of the car and actually ran across the grass toward the pony pasture while I got her stroller out. When we got up to the fence, I taught Aspen how to show the pony a flat hand to avoid getting her fingers nibbled.

And she touched that pony's nose. Over and over again. It's the first time she has ever touched a non-dog/cat animal willingly and without screaming. Boo-yah! I'm winning parenting!

She was practically drunk with the thrill of it all and she kept trying to touch the bunnies, too. They were laying around trying not to suffocate in the heat.

To keep cool, we sat by the river for at least half an hour after lunch. Aspen threw dozens of rocks into the water and we watched leaves and sticks float by us, too. It was so relaxing and it gave me the break I needed to get out of the shade and make the long walk back to the car. Seriously, this heat? So rude.

This visit amazed me. Just a couple of weeks ago, before this pony was discovered at the farm, even the thought of a regular horse (or, heaven forbid, a BIRD) getting this close to Aspen put her in hysterics.

Okay, so she still made me hold her hand/put her in the stroller when we walked by the pigeons but I'm sure we'll conquer that fear someday, too.

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  1. That place always looks so fun/ neat in your pics! I wish we had something like that near us.

  2. That is awesome! I can't believe how long her hair is getting. That ponytail looks so cute on her.

  3. Hey Liv! I found your blog, yay! Good job Aspen. I love that you said you're winning parenting as I find myself keeping score most win some, you lose some. At petting zoos my boy always says "No touch. Mama touch it." Aspen's recent success gives me hope :)


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