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Monday, July 08, 2013

City Creek and the creek in our driveway

photo courtesy of auntie fifi

As you may recall, my sister is back in Utah. She's super-popular and busy seeing all her friends but she's nice enough to squeeze in time for me and Aspen, too.

We took last Wednesday to spend at City Creek to show Sophia since she was gone when it first opened. I always love going there, especially because with the heat wave they had it all closed up and air conditioned to the max. It was heavenly. Our house has been 88-90 degrees the last couple of weeks and I fear I might actually suffocate come mid-afternoon.

So we love free AC.

We walked City Creek and just talked and enjoyed the day together. We picnicked and then went back to the Church History Museum to explore there. Aspen and I had actually gone the week prior for the AC (and the learning, I guess) so it was on the agenda again. It's nice that the children's exhibit is so small because I can literally sit on the same bench the whole time and still keep an eye on Aspen as she runs around.

We finished up our SLC excursion with a trip to the Farr's Fresh just on the outside perimeter of the mall. I'm so glad they not only have lactose-free sorbet options, but really delicious frozen yogurts I can eat, too. I really really really miss eating ice cream.

On our ride home we got a call from Amanda to swim in her community pool so we spontaneously packed up our stuff and headed over. Needless to say, Aspen was asleep before 8pm that day after all the adventures. It was a great way to kickoff our 4th of July holiday.

I only wish Kev hadn't had to work so much!! But it's actually a blessing because he ended up staying at our house while I slept at Seth's. And as a result he was there when the rain threatened to flood our garage. The neighbors knocked on our door at 2am to offer help pumping water out of the driveway (which slopes down toward the garage) and they helped haul our sandbags, too. If he'd gotten off work earlier he would've been with us at Seth's and our poor house would have been water-logged when we returned.

It's a fourth-of-July miracle!!

But really, I'm glad our house didn't flood. Especially since Kev just installed the bead board in one of the downstairs bedrooms and it would've been ruined if it flooded.

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