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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Discounted Pass of All Passes SLC

Last year when I moved to Salt Lake County, quite a few people asked me if I had a Pass of All Passes.

I had no clue what that was.

This year SueAnn tried to talk me into buying one but it was back in January and Kev and I didn't know where we'd be living this summer (our rental contract went month-to-month in December and we were just hanging around until we found the perfect house). I didn't want to buy the passes and then have all our plans change and have the passes be inconvenient to redeem.

But now that we're settled in this awesome new neighborhood and MELTING in the heat of this summer, I started looking around for discounted passes again. Thankfully, I found them on Groupon today. This deal is amazing at only $29 for the pass (for each person). I know it's not as good as the $20 deals back in the winter, but in this $29 deal, you get $20 to put toward food purchase at any of the Seven Peaks in Utah. I would have preferred the $20 gift card to Walmart but those obviously sold out a lot faster.

So.. if you're like me and have waited until the last minute to buy a pass to save your sanity this summer, jump on this deal now!! Go to Groupon and get hooked up. You can thank me later.

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