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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's your lucky day - Guest bedroom reveal

We're far from finishing the room when it comes to furniture and decor, but the room itself is so close to done. Kev finished late Thursday night (he laid carpet) and I did the final cut-in around the chair rail Friday. It feels so good having it ready for guests! Sophia was the first to sleep in it thanks to a borrowed mattress from Seth.

I went to IKEA a couple of weeks ago with Emilie and we looked at futons/sofa beds. I was having a hard time choosing but after laying down on all of them and finding a cover on clearance in the As-Is section I made a decision. Now we just wait until we have the funds saved up to buy it (and Seth can have his mattress back in the meantime).

I love this room. I'm jealous that it's done and mine will still be a construction zone for at least the rest of the year. But, when you get a lot of free materials that perfectly fit a space, you go for it! Kev got most of the trim free, as well as the drywall. The carpet, pad and wainscoting were also free and then there's the whole free labor thing provided by Kev. You can't beat those prices.

I got a huge, $2 lamp shade from DI months ago and I'm going to put it down here when I find the perfect lamp base for it (which will probably come from DI as well). We also need to get a much less ugly fixture for the ceiling and I'll feel happy about the lighting situation in there. And I've been mentally going through all our art (because I don't know where all of it is...) and I look forward to putting the perfect pieces down here.

Getting this room finished is monumental. In our Pink House, no room was finished until after we moved out. I can't believe we got this one done so soon after Kev finished the bathroom. He's on a roll!

paint color: Cement Grey by Martha Stewart

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