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Monday, July 22, 2013

It's your lucky day - painting the entryway

Starting to cut in the grey
There are so many projects to do in the Lucky House, but there's obviously only so much we can tackle on a weekly basis. It's frustrating, but I try to keep in mind that we plan to be in this house a looooooooong time. So we can take breaks from working on things in order to get up the courage to start again.

One thing I dreaded was painting the entryway. I hate split-entrys so much, and after this project I hate them even more. They're awkward and very tricky to paint. It was so difficult to maneuver an extended roller rod in this space without getting paint on the door/light fixture/floor/ladder etc. This project was pretty miserable. When I painted at night it wasn't as bad, but during the afternoon I had the sun shining through the windows and I felt like I would never stop sweating EVER AGAIN. What I wouldn't do for central air...
After cutting in the entire entry.
 And apparently I'm a little scared of heights. As I stood on the extension ladder over the lower stairs, I thought I was going to die. I made the mistake of doing some of the work while Kev and Aspen were gone and I told the dog that if I fell off she was responsible for calling 911.

The contrast between the new grey (Chinchilla by Martha Stewart) and the old grey (Very Grey by Behr).

Despite the hazards, this was worth it. The previous paint color was a taupe and it was pretty banged up. I wanted something just as neutral as taupe, but that would complement the existing grey in the adjoining living room, kitchen and hall. SueAnn painted the majority of her house Chinchilla by Martha Stewart and I tucked that color away in the back of my mind as I considered what colors to use in this spot.

This Chinchilla is so light and subtle and it is perfect for our entry. It gets a lot of sun and it stays so bright and feels inviting. Kev is eventually going to build either a pony wall (a half wall) or install a railing of some sort behind the living room couch so we no longer have a ghetto 2X4 situation going on there. We've been back and forth (and back again) on whether we want a wall or open railings. I plan to create a gallery of art opposite the proposed pony/railing so that's a factor to consider as well.

Also... whatever we decide has to at least cover the back of the couch enough so I don't have to constantly clean under it to prevent visitors from seeing dust bunnies under there. Because that is seriously annoying.

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  1. It looks great! I love grey. I vote on a railing of some sort, for what it's worth.

  2. Both Kev and I lean toward a railing, too, because it keeps everything so open... we just have to figure out how to design something that hides the space under the couch!

  3. the grey looks fantastic! If you did a pony wall you could add more artwork or pictures up the wall in your entry... It looks like it is all coming along great though!

  4. i love the pic with two grays together. so different! A+ job painting that, i can't imagine how bad that sucked. I hate painting. are you going to paint a wall with a square like the one you had in your pink house? I loved the pics of your pink house bedroom, it looked like an ikea add.

  5. Looks great! Sounds tricky to paint but you did it!

  6. I haven't thought about doing a box anywhere specific, but I'm still entertaining stripes in various locations. I'm doing all the painting (b/c Kev is doing EVERYTHING ELSE) and I don't trust myself to do the math to make a perfect square on the walls!

  7. I wouldn't trust myself either. Nice job with stripes. I love the wainscoting in the guest room. Is it finished yet?

  8. Kev spent last night finishing the trim install, and today he primed/painted the trim. I think it needs another coat and then he can lay the carpet. We have to finish by FRIDAY (b/c Kev's dad is coming to town and staying at our house)!!


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