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Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's your lucky day - painting the guest room

I'm really glad we have a guest scheduled to stay at our house this month because it's the motivation needed to actually finish our guest room. And by finish I mean START.

After moving in, the two downstairs bedrooms were full of junk. Then Kev emptied them out to do some insulation and drywall. Then he laid the carpet for an inspection that never happened (don't even get me started on that). Then they just sat there full of junk again.

I cringed every time I went down there to do laundry because I knew that behind two closed doors there were mountains of stuff. Stuff that has yet to be put away. Stuff that has yet to be sorted. Stuff that has yet to be donated/sold/thrown away (yes, we probably moved things twice in the last year that should have been left in Ogden).

So. Guest room.

Kev put up the wainscoting a couple of weeks ago and since it finally stopped being too hot to breathe I painted it! And then I kept right on painting and finished the walls, too. At photo time the room was waiting for trim and the carpet installation.

I chose Cement Gray by Martha Stewart for the guest room (and eventually it will go in the master, too) and I wish I had found this color before I painted the majority of the upstairs! It's a very true-grey and it's exactly what I had in mind when I imagined having grey walls. Oh well. It's nice having different colors (I picked out a third grey for the entry) because I get teased for painting my house grey. Now I can show people how versatile it is. And then I can show them the PEACOCK BLUE WALLS I also have in my house. How's that for some color?

I'm really thrilled to see this room come together. It's also fun to go through the house and determine what furniture will go in here to make it functional. That is, of course, after Peter takes his place of prominence in the room.

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  1. It looks great! It's always so nice when a room starts to come together.


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