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Monday, July 15, 2013

Lovely Lavender

In the cool morning hours, Aspen and I like to go outside and enjoy the shade in the front of the house. Maddie will usually sit on the grass while I weed and Aspen looks at clouds. We'll dodge bumblebees and inspect other bugs crawling in the grass.

Last week I snipped some lavender stems and handed them over to Aspen so she could stuff them in a couple of containers for me. None of my houseplants survived the move to the Lucky House, so I've been missing indoor foliage for a couple of months.

We put these sprigs inside and I even deliberately crunched one up and put it in the bathroom trash cans. Voila! Instant air freshener. They're so simple and beautiful and I'm glad we have a giant bush in our own front yard so I can enjoy clippings all season. It definitely motivates me to keep cultivating our green spaces!

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  1. Those look so beautiful. What a great, free air freshener!


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