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Thursday, July 11, 2013

New favorite snack/meal

My brother recently got hooked on Greek yogurt, and after determining that my sensitive stomach is a-okay with it, I jumped on the bandwagon. Paired with granola of any variety, this is a perfect summer treat. It's not too sweet, and it's that wonderful combination of creamy and crunchy. I love it. Plus, this cocoa granola is amazing.

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  1. I love yogurt with granola! Too bad I'm such a slacker that I rarely eat them together unless its in a parfait from McDonald's. Ha!

  2. I used to eat regular yogurt and granola all the time, but Greek yogurt is still new to me. I tried it a couple of years ago but it was just a plain version and it make me want to barf. The flavored stuff is soooo good.

  3. greek yogurt + granola is a fav breakfast of mine!


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