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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh thank Heaven, for Seven Eleven!

I was really determined on 7/11 to get free Slurpees for Aspen and myself. I don't really know why I felt possessed to do so, but once I decided on it, there was no turning back. Thankfully there are literally four 7-11 stores within five minutes of our house, so I figured the odds of avoiding major lines were in our favor.

I drove down the street to the closest one and GUESS WHAT. There wasn't a single person there to get a Slurpee except for me. Wee!! I filled two cups and got checked out in under three minutes. Aspen has never had a Slurpee before and she loved sucking it back on the drive home. She kept saying, "I love my free, spicy Slurpee!" It was such a fun treat.

After Slurpees and a pretend attempt to eat real lunch at home, Aspen and I headed over to Amanda's house so the kids could play in the sandbox. And by "play in the sandbox" I really mean make-the-moms-take-them-inside-for-bathroom-breaks-one-hundred-times. I don't know what the deal was! But we definitely spent equal amounts of time playing outside and going back inside for potty situations. It was so obnoxious that I seriously considered stopping at a different 7-11 on the way home to get a second Slurpee as a reward for surviving. Ha.

Instead I left Aspen at my brother's house with my sister to babysit while I went home and finished painting the guest bedroom at the Lucky House.

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