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Thursday, July 25, 2013

What to do with lavender

I read a post by Jan from You Make it Simple and I was so glad to find something to do with my lavender! I've been thinking about how sad I'll be when the bush fades and looks like giant sagebrush and I no longer get to smell it when I walk out my front door.

Jan posted a tutorial for making lavender sachets so I had Aspen help me make a couple the very week I read about it.

First we trimmed long stems of lavender from our bush and plucked all the leaves off. I didn't worry too much about them being even because I planned to trim the edges anyway. Once you have a collection of stems, line up the blossoms so they're even.

Wrap ribbon around the base of the stems and tie in a knot. This will be the start of your weave. I used about two feet of ribbon to give myself lots of wiggle room, and I cut off the excess when I finished.

Fold the lavender stems over the blossoms and start weaving your ribbon over and under the stems. Again, I wasn't concerned with precision here, just with getting the job done while a toddler "helped."

Weave the ribbon over and under until either the ribbon or the stems run out. I wasn't able to tie my ends together, so I just wrapped the ribbon around the sachet and tied it off to itself. It worked well for me and I nestled one of my sachets in the linen closet while another went in my bathroom.

This is probably the best-smelling project I've done in a while! It took about 20 minutes per sachet, but it's easy work. It was nice to keep my hands busy while Aspen and I watched My Little Pony together. If you need more photos for this, hop on over to Jan's blog and check it out. She has a lot of other crafty ideas, too (PS Jan teaches Yoga in Ogden and I loved her classes at WSU!).

What have you been doing with the herbs in your own garden lately?

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  1. That is a very creative idea. I hope they last a long time for you. How nice it must be to have a lavender bush


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