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Friday, July 12, 2013

Yoga Meltdown

I had a brief moment of solitude last week so I took advantage of it and pulled up a yoga video on YouTube. I happened upon a 35-minute Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and decided to try it because she's like, a fitness Goddess or something.

As soon as it started I realized it would probably be a great workout, but not necessarily a great practice.

If you're not familiar with Yoga, I don't recommend doing Jillian's Yoga workouts. She does a lot of great variations of postures, but not once did she offer a restorative pose for any of her inversion/back bend postures (like Locust and Camel Pose). I actually had to stop the video so I could do a counter-pose to relieve tension in my back. In the video, she said Yoga is great exercise, but it's not going to help you lose weight unless you bring movement into all the postures. I think that further perpetuates the misconception that Yoga is not a good workout unless it's modified. She rarely used the names of postures until you were already supposed to be in the pose so I always felt a little behind the whole time (and I've been doing Yoga for 8 years!).

Jillian obviously knows a lot about exercise and I think she's amazing at what she does, but she's also a little scary. And I don't think Yoga is her thing. You're not going to learn anything about form or alignment from her Yoga videos, but you are going to get a good workout. I did enjoy a lot of the sequences and I did sweat a lot in those 35 minutes.

But maybe the next time you want to do Yoga you should come to my house and I'll do it with you!

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  1. I cannot imagine Jillian doing yoga. That would stress me out! You look phenomenal!

  2. I heard Jillian on Ellen say that yoga won't make you lose weight and that it's a myth that it releases toxins. My thought all honesty, who will be healthier overall in their old age...? Jillian or a yogi?

  3. I'm mostly bothered by the fact that if you're not familiar with Yoga and what the purpose of the postures are, you're going to hurt yourself doing Yoga with Jillian. My philosophy is that both new and experienced Yogis should be able to do the same class together and get what they individually need out of it.

    That's asking a lot of the instructor, but it's the instructor's job.

  4. I so wish I could come do yoga with you. I can't ever seem to make it to yoga classes even though I love them.

  5. I love JIllians yoga! I own the jillian CD and have been doing it 3 times a week or more for a year. It is my workout on days I can go running - its that hard - i feel WEAK after I'm done. That being said, I do not consider it yoga. And since I have the routine memorized I often stop and modify/hold the poses to make it more like yoga. I need come over and do yoga with you, you look HOT! You look like you should be on the cover of yoga magazine! i will find the time to come see the lucky house, I WILL!

  6. oh yeah, and yes, she is a crappy instructor (as far as cueing you to the poses before you do them....and breathing....) and she IS scary!

  7. I agree. Jillian's yoga meltdown was a disappointment. It does make you sweat, but it doesn't feel like I really did yoga.

  8. I would love to do yoga with you! Seriously. When can we?

  9. I usually do my yoga after Aspen goes to bed b/c I'm the laziest person ever (i.e. not willing to get up at 6a). I'll look at my sched after July's done being busy and I'll host a yoga night!


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