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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


The picture of health
Aspen had her 3-year-well-visit last week and it was the best trip to the doctor we've ever had. I was ELATED. We've had a rough go of it with pediatricians, and I can't believe the difference it makes to have one that really seems to like children.

HA! Who knew?!

I found this particular practice through my insurance network and I'm grateful it's not only the least expensive option, but it's also right down the street. Additionally, they offer extended hours daily and have triage nurses available on weekends. Sweeeeeeeet.

The whole office was helpful and very in tune with Aspen. I try not to interject comments about Aspen being shy or upset or whatever because I'm not going to show her I'm willing to give excuses for her behavior. So, before we go do something that I think might make her nervous or angry, I tell Aspen that she needs to use her words. I'm trying to give her the power to explain how she's feeling to others so they can switch gears and either resolve the situation or avoid it.

For example, before going to the doctor I told Aspen they'll ask to look in her ears and eyes. I told her about standing on a scale and having her height measured . I told her that if she doesn't want the doctor (or nurse or PA or whomever) to do XYZ, all she has to do is say so and we'll take a break. Equipped with that knowledge, Aspen successfully told the nurse that reading the chart from down the hall to check vision made her nervous and she didn't want to do it. The nurse happily complied and said we'll try it another time. And when Aspen was scared of the blood pressure cuff, she told the nurse it was scary so we had the doctor check her heart with the stethoscope instead.

Little victories like that are so helpful for me. I am constantly feeling like I'm doing something wrong, but we were a winning team last week. And I love that I'm giving Aspen the power of words. Yes, it's okay for kids to be shy or nervous or angry. But what's better for us is when Aspen tells someone she's feeling that instead of just acting it out.

Of course, it helps that for this visit no shots were required. We'll see what happens next year when Aspen is due for some of her vaccines.

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  1. I'm sure that's very empowering for her. Nice work mama! I'm realizing much of parenting is all about the preparation.

    1. For real. I'd rather spend my time prepping her for something than dealing with the tantrum afterward.

  2. This is such a fantastic idea. What a great way to help her learn, feel empowered, and prepare her for life. I am going to tuck this idea away to use for my own (future) kids.


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