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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bike rides and gratitude

Despite the darkening clouds and threatening humidity, I convinced Aspen to take a bike ride with me. Since Seth rode into my backyard a few Saturdays ago with a new cruiser bike for me, the itch to ride has been renewed. The cool evening temperatures make a ride after dinner the perfect treat after a long day.

We often ride in non-stop chatter, with Aspen asking me "Why XYZ" every three seconds. Thankfully I have the excuse of the wind in my ears to prevent me from answering every question she throws at me from her seat in the bike trailer.

This ride was no exception. We cruised by a park we haven't visited in a while. We went in a big circle around the field. We attempted to navigate the horse trail. After I felt I'd worked my legs a bit, we headed to one of our default destinations across the river.

Kev called after a few minutes of play time at the park and said he'd meet us on his way home from work. Aspen successfully climbed a ladder and went down the slides by herself until he arrived. I spotted him first, walking out of the trees toward us from the parking lot on the other side of the bridge.

I nudged Aspen and told her he was coming across the grass. She immediately stopped what she was doing and raced across the playground to meet him. I watched his smile widen as she threw her arms open and yelled, "DADDY!" He knelt to hug her and it made my heart swell.

It reminded me of when we were dating, and how good it felt to see Kev standing outside my building, waiting for me to come down and let him in. I'm so glad we found each other and created this life together.

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