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Thursday, August 01, 2013

I brake for ponies

I dunno, Aspen is like, kind of into My Little Pony. Oh? You've noticed? Huh.


She got a few ponies for her birthday (THANK YOU!) and we got a hand-me-down dollhouse from her cousins (we've actually been hanging onto it for months in order to give it to her as her "big" birthday gift). When she saw the house for the first time, she screamed, "A NEW PONY HOUSE!!"

Before we got the Pony House, we used to play Ponyville using her large Duplo-type blocks and her train tracks. We'd build a track and then create little rooms inside it with the blocks. Rainbow Dash, naturally, always had the biggest room because s/he is the favorite.


Aspen insists Rainbow Dash is a boy and that s/he be referred to as such. And yet, we also must occasionally pretend Rainbow is a princess. No. Not a prince. A princess. I don't get Aspen's logic, either.


Now we have a house for the ponies and we don't have to leave the train tracks and blocks sitting on the floor of Aspen's room for days on end. Every night she dutifully puts all the ponies to bed and it's the cutest thing.

Also cute is when she lets Mike Wazowski stay up all night watching TV in the Ponyville attic (I got that toy in a kid's meal many moons ago when I was in COLLEGE. Now it's Aspen's because she has recently watched Monster's Inc on VHS Yes. VHS.).

There is something so rewarding about watching Aspen use her imagination. I love stumbling upon the little scenes she's created with her ponies and trucks and the occasional Mike Wazowski. Sometimes she puts all eleventy-billion ponies around one teeny tiny little dollhouse table and lets them share four teeny tiny little teacups full of milkshake.

That must be how those ponies stay so trim.

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  1. That's so cute! Aren't hand me downs the best? :)

  2. Okay we have GOT to get her and Anna together again. I love the pony house! Anna also calls rainbow dash a boy. And she's very assertive about it! Hilarious.

  3. I was so happy to get something completely free for Aspen's super-exciting present! And I also love that she has two cousins who will play ponies with her so I can have a little break!

    Nicole, stop being busy with your huge family and we'll definitely get these pony-girls together again!


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