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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Something new at the zoo

Thanks for the photo, Jen!

When I lived in Ogden I'd attend Discovery Time at the library with an awesome group of people. I knew Jen through other mutual friends (at WSU) and she introduced me to Denise. So when Jen suggested I meet up with her and some of her Ogden friends at the zoo I decided to go for it. Aspen has been to birthday parties for Jen's daughters so she kind of knows them and I thought it might be fun for her to see them again. And Denise is always so inviting that I didn't feel like the odd man out only knowing her and Jen.

We ended up being an hour late due to some sleep problems in the night (i.e. Aspen woke up at 330a and by 5a I gave up, locked the dog in her room for cuddles and returned to my own bed hoping Aspen would eventually fall asleep again) but we still spent a lot of time at the zoo and made it worth the drive up.

Peek-a-boo Peahen!

That's Aspen's owl face. Isn't it great? We peeked over the railing into the bird show arena and spotted an owl and his friends on the grass. Another reason were later than planned was because she surprised me by asking me to CURL HER HAIR before we left. I was like, yes ma'am! She usually won't even let me be in the same room as her if I have a comb in my hands so I jumped at the chance to not only tame her mane, but to curl it. And you can see in this photo that it was so worth it.

The morning elephant show was cancelled due to some repairs being done in their habitat, but we were still able to spy them through the trees. One of the zookeepers warned us to step back because the mom was really nervous and had been throwing dirt (and probably poop!) at people earlier. HA! Glad we missed that.

Aspen asked why the elephant was throwing stuff and I told her it's just like when she's nervous/angry and throws a tantrum.

We did get to attend the bird show and that was a lot of fun. So many of the birds swoop RIGHT over the audience. I felt the doves flutter against my hair when they performed. Aspen really liked it too, and I was surprised because, y'know, usually birds make her scream in terror.

I actually liked the bird show so much I'd probably go again. The first bird of the show refused to get off a missed mark and it was fun watching him ignore the handlers and remind us all that he's still the boss of himself, thankyouverymuch. The birds were so beautiful and it's nice to see them so closely as they fly.

I don't know how I've walked by the splash pad every other time I've been to the zoo because it's pretty awesome. The water was warm and Aspen actually got wet! She never does that! I always have a change of clothes with me so I let her do whatever she wanted and I just changed her in the car before we left. I was so happy to see her be brave enough to walk through the water and eventually even sit in a little pool.

It was the perfect way for her to cool off after a hot day at the zoo. Many thanks to Jen and friends for inviting me to join them!

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