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Friday, August 30, 2013

The tale of the helmet

For months, Aspen has been talking about getting a helmet. She has a trike that she loves to ride and she's either getting more daring or careless as she gets more confident on it. Whatever the cause, she's been occasionally tipping over while riding at break-neck speeds (for a toddler).

And because I'm a lazy and irresponsible parent, I've put off getting her a helmet. There's no real reason other than that. I mean, yes, helmets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, especially since kids grow out of them so many times before they finally settle on a head size for life. But it's obviously worth spending that $20 to protect their brains from the pavement.


SueAnn told me Robert J. Debry offers helmets for just $5. And I told myself we'd stop at their offices on the way home from SueAnn's that very day. But then Aspen fell asleep in the car for only the second time in the history of no-more-naps and I decided to skip the helmet that afternoon.

Fast forward to this week and I finally committed to going. I checked out the website to make sure they were still offering the $5 helmets and then Aspen and I were on our merry way. She talked endlessly about finding a blue helmet (like Rainbow Dash, duh) and how it would keep her from falling off her bike and squishing her head. She was psyched.

We got to the offices and she started trying on helmets. I laid out a number of choices that fit her and she picked the perfect one- silver with hearts scattered across it, and a blue visor on the front. She even had me clasp it under her chin with the big cardboard product tag still attached. She told me she would wear it in the car on the drive home. We were set to check out when I saw the teeny sign stating they only accept cash or check for the helmet purchases.


I basically had to pry the helmet off Aspen's head while she freaked out and insisted we had money to buy it. I tried explaining I didn't have the right kind of money and we'd have to come back a different day. She cried and begged me to bring her back the SAME DAY for her very favorite helmet. I consented and figured I could use the GPS in the car to find a nearby bank. As we walked out, Aspen made sure to tell everyone we'd be back in a few minutes to get her helmet when we had the right kind of money.

For how far I ended up driving to an ATM I might as well have gone home for my checkbook. But, we had success getting $20 and we returned to Debry's offices for that precious helmet.

And then they didn't have change for a $20 and I almost had a nervous breakdown.

I tried to remain calm and asked the receptionist to please find someone who could break a $20. I told her we'd already left to get cash after our initial visit and there was no way I was leaving a second time without a helmet on my kid's head. We waited in the lobby while she miraculously found change somewhere and we were able to leave with the helmet still strapped to Aspen's head.

Kev called me as we were driving home and he was like, why didn't you just buy another helmet in the next size up to help make change? And I was like, BECAUSE I AM A MORON.

But, y'know, bike safety is really important. So if you have cash/check handy, get yourself a Bell brand helmet from one of the Robert J. Debry offices for $5 ($10 for adult sizes).

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  1. That sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm glad you got a helmet for her, but sorry it was such a hassle.

  2. LOL! What a pain, but it makes for a funny story anyway. What a great deal too! I wish we had a place like that around here. We just layed down 20+ per kid to get new helmets last Christmas.

    1. Sometimes the public health department has a similar deal. I didn't look into it here, but a friend in Weber County said that's what she did.

  3. that sounds painful! you should have let me know! i have 3 extra helmets because anna has a BIG head and wears mine! yikes!

  4. Ugh gotta love when stuff like that happens... I feel your pain and would have done the same thing as far as not thinking of getting the next size up.


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