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Friday, September 27, 2013

Homemade grape syrup

I got brave and decided to go ahead and make grape syrup. That involved a quick stroll to the store with Aspen to pick up some cheesecloth and a fine sieve, but so be it. We're going to have grapes every fall so I might as well invest in some tools to help me make good use of the harvest!

Making the syrup wasn't as complicated as I had feared, but it was time-consuming. I ended up letting them drip in the cheesecloth for a few hours while I was away from home because it seemed the best method for my schedule that day. I should have taken a photo of them suspended from the kitchen faucet in the cloth, dripping their juices ever-so-slowly into the pot in the sink below. That was a MacGyver move, I assure you.

I worried about the syrup's consistency after the final boil, but I bottled it and stored it in the fridge hoping for the best. A couple of days later we made french toast for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised that it was thicker than I had initially thought. Success!

It was deliciously tart with the french toast. Aspen and Kev could even be caught dipping their bacon in it after all the toast was gone. I only made about 2 cups, but that should be plenty. I mean, we eat a lot of breakfast foods around here, but not enough that I needed to go overboard and use all 400 million pounds of grapes I still had left even after pawning them on my neighbors left and right.

To make grape syrup, you will need:

2 lbs concord grapes
1/4 C water
1 1/2 C sugar

-wash grapes and remove stems
-bring grapes to a boil with 1/4 C water
-cover and simmer 15 minutes, stirring occasionally
-allow to cool and then strain in sieve/colander
-strain again through cheesecloth (doubled over) to yield approximately 2 cups of juice
*for the cheesecloth strain, you can manipulate the pulpy grapes and squeeze out the juice manually, or you can let gravity pull the juice out for you by suspending the cheesecloth over a container
-bring juice and sugar to a boil in saucepan, then simmer 10 minutes until thick
-store, refrigerated, in a glass jar up to 2 weeks

Aspen's favorite part of this whole process was picking the grapes off their stems. She has always been a little pincher, and it made good use of her little hands. I guess you could say that eating the syrup on bacon was also a highlight buuuuut... that's not as adorable.

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  1. Hum, I never imagined it would be that simple. Looks delicious!


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