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Thursday, September 26, 2013

LOST lost me.

When Kev and I were dating, my roommates Jamie and Melanie got us hooked on LOST. The show was already a couple of seasons underway, so we took turns renting episodes from Hollywood Video (ohmygosh who even remembers renting movies from stores?!) to get caught up. We spent many a night in our dorm living room watching episodes until way too late at night/early in the morning and we loved it.

When we finally got caught up, it was agony to watch the show only once a week (another blast-from-the-past, right? Watching shows weekly instead of downloading the whole season to watch marathon-style). We used to have to watch online a day a two later due to our schedules, and we would get so mad when the laptop (which Kev had won) would lose power and turn off in the middle of an episode.

So there we were, loyal followers of LOST. And then the sixth and final season happened. You guys, it's been three years and I'm still all sorts of ragey about it. It felt like the writers took the easy way out, using time travel, alternate storylines and magical-unexplained-elements as a way to be like, "It's okay!! Maybe everyone's been dead this whole time or this was all the crazy imaginings of one of the characters or maybe they're not dead but they're in limbo or purgatory or whatever!! But we'll leave some of it up in the air so you can interpret it as you'd like!! Bye!!"

But... regardless, Kev and I are watching it again. We bought two seasons years ago when the show was still running. After it ended, I couldn't bring myself to purchase more or to watch it from the beginning again. I don't know what possessed us to put ourselves through it again, but we are. I'm hopeful that with my (somewhat fuzzy) knowledge of how it ends, I'll be more receptive to the plot twists this time around. Or I'll understand it better. I've also been reading some fan explanations online to see if that helps me feel less stabby about it.

In the meantime, here's a fun little clip of how LOST should have ended:

Did you watch the show back then? If you have some light to shed on the conclusion, please feel free to share. I need all the encouragement I can get to keep an open mind this time around.

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