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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pimp my ride

A few weeks ago my brother rolled into my backyard on this bike for me. I haven't had my own bike since I was in Jr. High! Kev and I have been sharing his bike, which I think he's had since he was 17. It's a good mountain bike, but only having one bike between the two of us meant that we couldn't take family bike rides together even if Kev was home for more than 10 minutes at a time.

So. My very own bike! And it's a cute little cruiser!

I used it to take Aspen to meet her dance teacher one neighborhood over from mine, and I didn't know there would be two giant hills on the way. I huffed my way up them cursing my cute cruiser the whole time. Even in granny gear, I had to stand up and pedal. Which, if you've ever ridden a cruiser, you know doesn't exactly provide the necessary oomph to get up a mountain. Other than the dance trip fiasco, this bike is awesome. I love taking it on the parkway for nice, easy rides with Aspen in the trailer (and I borrow Kev's bike to get up to Aspen's dance class).

But when I don't have the trailer, I don't have a place to store my stuff. Like when I go to book club or just for a ride around the neighborhood by myself at the end of the day. So I asked Kev to attach one of our milk crates to my bike so I could stash a bag with my keys/phone/wallet when I ride by myself.

We positioned it a little too close to my seat so I have to redo it, but other than that it's awesome. When I sent the photo to Seth to show him, he said now I'm all set to gather scrap metal. It'll be the perfect way to earn some extra cash!


I rode it to book club last night and even in its ghetto-fabulousness, I got rave reviews on my storage solution. Maybe when I take it off I should spray paint it a complementary color to spruce it up a big. Or stencil something on it like, "Tour de France 2014."

Now all I need is a bell!

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  1. I love the basket!! So cute! Cruisers can be hard on hills, but heck, you have the sweet muscles for it.


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