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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pros and Cons

Earlier this summer I had Aspen enrolled in a preschool that would take her for two hours, two days every week in the fall/spring. I was really looking forward to it. I even had a promising job interview that I was psyched about for a number of reasons-- one of which was that my paycheck would easily cover the cost of Aspen's preschool tuition.

But then the job thing didn't pan out and I started to worry about not only the cost of the preschool (which was the least expensive I came across in my research), but how bored Aspen might be in Kindergarten if I had her in preschool for two years beforehand.

And THEN. My friend Kristie told me about a new dance class that was practically in my neighborhood that was ridiculously inexpensive. I agonized for days over withdrawing Aspen from school (would I be able to get my registration fee back?!) and putting her in a dance class instead. I finally made a decision and the teachers were out of town and didn't get back to me for three days so I agonized some more.

Finally, everything was settled. I got my money back from the preschool and forked it right over to the dance studio (they were so great to work with and I hope I can get Aspen in their school next year). Aspen and I went to meet her dance teacher and to check out the studio before classes started. I talked to her about how she'll have to let me do her hair up for every class, and how I won't be there to watch her every time.

I'm relieved I got everything worked out, but I still mourn the loss of all those hours I could have had to myself if Aspen was in preschool instead of dance (dance is only once/week). Ever since the disappearance of the nap, I've really been struggling with getting through each day with enough activities and interaction to meet Aspen's needs. I'm so worn out by the 12-14 non-stop hours of entertaining a toddler. I'm also disappointed I didn't get the job I had hoped for, which would have provided another outlet for me to feel like me again instead of just mom 24/7.

But there will be time for myself later. Time when I will eventually miss hearing Aspen say my name every time she exhales. Time when I will wish she still needed me to lay with her at night before she falls asleep. Time when I will hate the quiet that comes when she's no longer in the house, acting out scenes between ponies and Lightning McQueen. Time when I'll go to the bathroom by myself, with no one clapping and saying, "Good job, Mommy!"

Most importantly, Aspen loved her dance class. She told me the names of the other kids and that she hopped like a bunny on dots laid across the floor. She was all smiles and said she'd like to go back the following week.

I'd say that's a win.

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  1. She's precious! I'm so glad everything worked out well. I'm sure she looks adorable in dance class!!


  2. Yay for dance class!!! :) Do any of your neighbors do a preschool-type deal? I feel like a lot of people did that in Eagle Mtn, kind of like a co-op type thing. And parents take turns or something. Obviously I'm not super in the know about it, but it could be something to look into if you ever want more me-time?

    1. I did bring that up with some of the other moms we regularly hang out with, and they were like, uuuugh. And I kind of feel the same way; I specifically dropped my teaching major because I realized I did NOT want to lesson plan and teach my whole life! Ha. So none of us wanted to take on the task of doing a mommy preschool (although last year I was desperate to do that in WJ just to meet people).


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