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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snail Mail

My order from ThredUP
I love a good mail day. Thankfully, we get at least of couple of them each month- when my magazines come, or when Aspen gets a drawing from her cousin or a package from my parents, or someone gets married/has a party and invites us. It's my favorite!

Last week Aspen got two packages and it made me so jealous. Especially since we'd spent Labor Day in Park City buying her summer 2014 wardrobe thanks to all the sales on current summer items (I spent less than $80 to fill the holes in her 4T wardrobe (given to us by her cousins), plus three dresses for fall. I'm awesome. I'll never do laundry again!). I wish someone would buy me a bunch of cute clothes.


Aspen's OOTD, and her new romper from GG
She got all-blue clothes from my mom, and the ThredUP order I recently placed. Now Rainbow Dash (as she prefers to be called lately) can dress in her favorite color every day of the week! I wish I could snap a photo of Aspen in all the cute outfits she puts together. In all honesty, when we're home she's usually just in her undies, but when we initially get ready for the day she picks her own clothes and some of them are to-die-for hilarious.

I love love love going through my sister-in-law's hand-me-downs for Aspen because she's a bit of a clothes snob like me, and I love love love when my mom surprises us with items from the outlets in her town. I know it isn't' always practical to buy kids higher-end clothes, but I've found that now that Aspen can wear something for almost a year, it's worth it to spend money on something will last. That's why I don't mind her getting dirty in a J.Crew shirt or Polo dress. They can handle the wear! My SIL has two daughters, and yet we still get clothes in awesome condition from her because they were better quality to begin with.

In addition to grabbing sales at outlets, there's also sites like ThredUP, where you can buy gently used or even new-with-tags items (like I did on my latest order) and get great quality clothes for a fraction of the price. Aspen doesn't have a lot of clothes (we're talking like, 12 shirts per season for this girl, and maybe six pairs of bottoms that are weather-appropriate), so I want to make sure I'm getting the most for my money.

If you haven't checked out the end-of-season sales at the outlets, go! And if you haven't yet signed up for ThredUP (which is free), use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first order!

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