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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The insurance saga

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter in the mail thanking me for being a client with XX insurance company, but please note coverage ceases on September 30th, have a nice day!

So... not a really fun letter.

I was pretty upset because I like being able to afford going to the doctor, y'know? And Kev was having a hard time nailing down some time to chat with his boss about it so I was just stuck worrying nonstop about private insurance in the event his boss really was cancelling insurance for employees (and by "employees" I really mean Kev, who is the only other full-time worker there).

Then I caught Aspen's cold, which usually results in me getting bronchitis, which would make me really appealing in the event we had to seek out private insurance. They just love people whose immune systems are lame!

Eventually Kev came home and told me that yes, his boss was dropping insurance coverage. And then I had a heart attack and he said JUST KIDDING and said they were changing some things up but there'd be no lapse in our benefits.

Doesn't that sound like a good time? Being a grown up is so super-fun!

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  1. Lol! That's annoying, but at least it didn't end.

  2. Liv, hey how are you? I stop by here every so often and enjoy catching up. We are in the same situation. My husband quit his full time job with benefits to go after starting his career in the fire industry. Unfortunately, it takes a while to be hired full time so most work a few part time jobs with out benefits. You can pick up personal insurance for roughly 200 a month which pretty much just takes away the worry of sending you into medical bankruptcy with a 10.000 ded. Anyways, my point of posting is this. There are clinics now since there are so many people finding it hard to have coverage that are for people with high deductibles or no insurance. You can google the closest clinic to you. I know the closest to me is about 15 minutes away and it is a 50.00 payment and it covers absolutely everything that is done during the visit without any billing. It seems a little pricey but the clinic I work for is a child clinic and cash pay is 87.00 at time of service and you will be billed the remaining. Our copay was 35.00 so I try to look at it a its only 15.00 more dollars and no billing. Best of luck! I cannot believe that insurance can just send you a notice ending or completely switching someone's benefits without options.


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