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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Seperation Anxiety

We all went on a walk together, enjoying the perfect autumn day. Sunshine, a cool breeze, and temperatures still in the 70s. Both Maddie and Aspen got some wiggles out and we stopped to talk with neighbors along the way.

Getting home, I decided the flowers needed a drink, so I stuck Maddie in the house and asked Aspen to shut the front door for me. I filled her watering can and then hosed down the flower beds with her help. After a few minutes, we heard Sarah calling to us from across the street. Her nephew was visiting and she invited us to come over to say hello when we finished our chore.

Aspen emptied her watering can while I wrapped up the hose. We wiped our hands off and then headed across the street. After about an hour of visiting, I heard the familiar jingle of dog tags in their backyard. I turned to the sliding glass door and THERE WAS MY DOG.

I figured she had wiggled under the tiny opening under our yard's gate, but I couldn't imagine her actually fitting through. In Ogden she was known to dig under the wooden fence on one side of our yard and escape to the neighbor's, but I have yet to see evidence of significant digging in our yard here.

I scooped Maddie up, all the while exclaiming how surprised I was to see her. Sarah and I walked to the front of her house so I could take Maddie back home and that's when I saw how she had gotten to us. The front door.

It was wide open and I just laughed. I should have checked on the door after asking Aspen to close it for me. I'm assuming it didn't actually latch and Maddie eventually got so anxious without us that she nosed it open and made her way across the street.

That dog loves her people. I'm grateful she found us instead of just taking herself on another walk around the neighborhood. Although, to her credit, any time that she has "run away," she comes running back if I yell her name loud enough. She's a good one.

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  1. What a good dog to just go to you, instead of going exploring. My kids have totally been guilty of not really closing the door on numerous occasions. It is a good thing we don't have a pet to run out, because we totally would have lost it by now.


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