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Monday, October 14, 2013

Social, Swap and Sample

I was asked to join the Relief Society planning committee and we just had our Fall activity last week. I've never helped organize activities for church before, so of course I turned to the Internet for ideas on what the heck we could do.

The committee ended up choosing two of my suggestions for the activity, so I kind of found myself in charge. Lisa dubbed it the "Social, Swap and Sample" and I think it turned out really well. We downloaded free printables from HERE to use during our social and Angela created simple but beautiful flower arrangements for the tables. We spent a little over 30 minutes letting the ladies ask and answers questions amongst themselves before we moved on to the next activity.

Before everyone settled at their tables, we had them bring their swap items into another room to be set up amongst the food we provided (in sample cups for easing snacking). For the swap, we asked the ladies to bring no more than 5 items they'd like to donate and allow everyone to browse through after socializing. Everyone was given labels to put their names on so they could claim their items. If something had more than one label on it, we drew names to choose who would get to go home with it. Anything that wasn't claimed at the end of the night was donated to DI (or we gave people the option of reclaiming their items if they wanted).

As everyone browsed the swap items, they could stop at the treat tables around the room and grab a bite to eat. We also provided recipes for everything we, as a committee, brought for the ladies to eat.

There was a lot of variety when it came to snacks, and to the swap items. People brought Halloween costumes, media, d├ęcor, lotions, candles and kitchen items. I had a great time and managed to only bring home four items. Kev was relieved (except he hates the decorative bird cages so very much).

Speaking of Kev; he was out of town when I was supposed to help co-host this event, so I had to drag Aspen to my brother's house that night. He watched her while I was at the activity and he even successfully put her to bed for me without a meltdown. She and I slept over at his house before returning to our neighborhood the next morning for our regularly scheduled rendezvous at the library. It was a little stressful to be driving all over the place that day, getting things ready, but I'm so relieved I didn't have to take Aspen to the activity with me and keep her out late. And she loves time with her Uncle so it was a win-win.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the activity and who participated! I had a good time getting to know more women in my ward and tasting all the delicious treats.

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