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Friday, October 25, 2013

Up in here

So. Lots of things have been happening. First of all, back in like, AUGUST, I interviewed for a job. I was told I'd only be needed about five hours per week, and I could bring Aspen to the facility with me. Sweet. I waited a week to hear back. I called to follow up and got a lot of vague responses.

Probably around the end of September, Amanda asked if I'd like to work a holiday kiosk at the mall, switching off childcare off with her while we split shifts. I'm pretty sure that less than 24 hours after agreeing to work that job with her, I heard back from the other job.

I decided it could work because I'd only be doing the kiosk job three days per week, and the initial job only five hours. Totally doable. But then I was suddenly expected to do ALL THE THINGS IMMEDIATELY for this job that had taken months to even get hired for. I was told that I had to be at certain shifts regardless of whether or not I had the availability. I was told the wrong times to show up and then was asked to stay late. I cleaned up puke on my second day.

Kev and I went back and forth endlessly regarding whether or not I should move forward with the job. Would it really be worth it after all the hassle just trying to get hired, and then trained? I kept coming to a big, fat, NO as my answer. But I also worried I'd be closing the door on an opportunity to teach fitness classes if I severed ties with this job.

Eventually I got really firm and told the first job I would only work one shift per week as originally discussed in my interview. I explained my other three-day-per-week commitment and other conflicts that would prevent me from being available to cover additional shifts through the rest of this year. We'll see what happens come January when my schedule is more flexible.

It has been exhausting, and I have to remind myself that I'm not just a big lazy quitter for already wanting to wash my hands of this; I worked for WSU Housing a total of five or six years before finally moving on to something else. And I grew to hate that job so much. But I stuck it out because the opportunities it offered were worth it in the long run.

What it has done for me already, though, is remind me how great I had it in Ogden teaching Yoga and Pilates on my own terms. I'm grateful I appreciated it then so I have no regrets now. I look forward to having that opportunity again someday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. I tend to be on the 'never quit' side of commitments. This always makes me feel weird when I finally realize that I am completely miserable and should've cut my ties a long time ago. Glad to see that you are being aware and firm in your availability. Good luck and I hope it works out after the holidays. :)

  2. Good for you! Sorry it was a rough start hope it gets better and teaching opportunities come sooner than later. Best of luck!

  3. That sounds fishy. Good for you for staying your ground! But hey you have two jobs now! It'll be a nice change of scenery and if one falls through or you don't like it, you can ask for more hours at the other one!


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