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Saturday, November 23, 2013


I had the opportunity to review a new book, soon-to-be published by a SLC local, Sara B. Larson. Her debut novel, Defy was such a joy to read. I don't read much in the fantasy genre (besides the Harry Potter series but I mean, come on, who hasn't read that?) so I wasn't sure if this book would pull me in. After just a few chapters, however, I was invested in the characters and the story.

Alexa serves as Defy's heroine, and she is a refreshingly strong, empowered character. In Defy we follow her through losing all but her twin brother to war, to becoming the soldier she was destined to be. There's sorcery, a little romance (but nothing trashy because this is Young Adult lit), and a few plot twists. I think it only took me two nights to get through the whole thing. And now I can't wait for the second book so I can read more of Alexa's story.

I've read uncorrected proofs before, and was not impressed with the quality of the writing. It's obvious when a writer has talent, verses when a writer simply has an amazing editor. Sara's proof was so well-done, and I'm so thrilled that all her hard work is paying off and she'll see her book officially in print this January. Her proof alone shows that she has the talent and dedication to continue producing fun works of fiction to entertain both the YA set and those of us who are a (teeny tiny) bit older.

You can pre-order Defy through the King's English bookstore for a SIGNED copy.

Disclosure: The author's publishing team lent me an advance copy of this book to review, but I was not compensated for this post.

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