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Monday, November 04, 2013

Won't you be my neighbor?

I've been attending the ward choir lately, and Kev also agreed to participate. But that means we take turns going because one of us needs to stay home with Aspen. It was working out alright for us, but at church yesterday a neighbor approached me about it.

Cynthia's husband and three kids (still at home) also go to choir. Her daughters mentioned to her that Kev and I seem to be taking turns attending. Which really isn't a huge problem, although with my lack of confidence when it comes to reading music, I do like to get in as much practice as I can. Cynthia asked if she could watch Aspen during choir so Kev and I could both go each week. She said she'd love to do a craft with her or have her help bake something while we're all off rehearsing.

That's the thing about this ward and neighborhood; so many people are aware of the needs of others. And they act when they see those needs!

I talked with Aspen about the possibility of Cynthia watching her, and made sure she felt comfortable. She hadn't yet met Cynthia, but she said it would be just like dance class when I drop her off for some fun at her teacher's house. So... that sealed the deal.

Kev and I dropped Aspen off and made sure she was comfortable with the dogs at Cynthia's and that she knew to ask for anything she needed. She immediately started hamming it up and had no problem letting me go.

When Kev and I returned to get her, she reacted as expected- severely disappointed that it was time to go. I probably should've called Cynthia to warn her we were coming so she could've prepped Aspen and given her time to adjust to our impending arrival. But really, showing up and having Aspen tell us she wasn't going home with us is way better than showing up and having Cynthia tell us Aspen was a holy terror the entire time.

It may seem a small gesture, but I'm truly overwhelmed when friends (both new and old alike) help me with Aspen. It's not easy coordinating schedules and planning my whole life around her care. And it's not supposed to be; I'm her parent and it's my job. But that doesn't mean I don't feel stressed when there seem to be too many demands and not enough me to go around. I can't be everywhere and do everything, and having opportunities to let others care for Aspen is such a blessing. Her life is enriched by others and I recognize that so fully.

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  1. So wonderful! Sounds like a great ward and neighborhood. Glad you can now both attend choir practice :)


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