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Monday, November 11, 2013

Workin' it.

I started working my Holiday job last week, and it was a lot of fun. It's super-slow right now so I just get to watch people walking through the mall or read a book. Or do laps around my kiosk. I did have a few transactions, too, which was nice so I didn't forget what I'd been taught about using the register.

Meanwhile, Aspen spends her mornings at Amanda's with her and her two children. Then Amanda brings them to me and I take all three of them home for the rest of the day. Lemme tell ya, usually it's a piece of cake having extra kids around because they entertain each other. It took a while to find our groove that first day, though.

If I'm remembering correctly, the first hour at my house involved a lot of Aspen freaking out about exactly which ponies her friends could look at. And then there was a half hour of snack time, accompanied by nonstop talking from at least two of the kids at a time and endless questions about items in a Toys R Us catalogue (why didn't I throw that thing away earlier?!). The next hour we went outside to rake leaves and play. Eventually I had to ask all the kids to stop talking to me for a few minutes. You know when you just get to the point where you simply cannot stand to hear your name called out one more time? Yeah, I was there.

We finished with the leaves and then took a short walk down the street. That resulted in Aspen getting really upset about something and making one of the other kids cry, too. That's when I figured I'd given it the ol' college try and it was time to turn on the TV. Who can blame me after two hours of unsuccessfully trying to entertain the kids/letting them entertain themselves? So yeah. Thanks, TV.

I'm just grateful we all survived a new schedule and there was minimal crying considering Aspen went from being an only child to having two companions for about nine solid hours. Our second day went a lot better, and the kids played by themselves for a considerable amount of time before I had to stop any screaming.

It should prove to be an interesting couple of months!

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  1. That is awesome you have a neighbor you can exchange babysitting with. How nice. I would say it only taking one day to get used to it all is very impressive. When I have done regular babysitting like that, it took quite a few times to get everyone adjusted.


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