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Monday, December 23, 2013

Cards with Minted

If you're like me, you had the best of intentions to create beautiful Christmas cards this year with family photos. If you're like me, you didn't end up having enough time to design something that would be ready before Christmas actually arrived on the calendar. If you're like me, you went through your stash of store-bought cards and supplemented with a few new ones and sent cards out around, oh, say, last week and called it good.

Fortunately, you can still send out different types of cards in the near future! There's the New Year card for the Christmas-card-procrastinator, or a birth announcement, or an invite to an upcoming party, or even a few Thank-You cards for after the Holidays. I looked at Minted's website for ideas of what I can do next time I send something out, and I wanted to share some of their designs with you. Why Minted? Well, because Minted is an amazing community of designers that offers eco-friendly options for all your paper needs. The designers are hand-picked and given a chance to share their creations with the public through Minted's services. They have everything from wedding invitations to stationary to photo calendars and party d├ęcor.

Hand Painted Happy Foil-Pressed Holiday card
Joy Peace & Love Christmas card
Chalkboard Stats Birth Announcement
Beaucoup de Fleurs Thank You card

Something I love about Minted is the foil-pressed cards they offer. I tend to hang on to cards that we receive, whether they're wedding announcements or something for the holidays. I love to look back over the years and see the changes in my friends and their families. The foil-press just gives a card a more sophisticated look, and makes it more of a treasure to keep (especially if it's an invite for a special milestone, or a birth announcement, don't you think?).

So go ahead and check out Minted, even if you're giving up on the Christmas card this year. There will always be another opportunity to mail out something beautiful, and I will always be a lover of snail-mail (PS thanks to those who sent us cards this year! I love seeing them hanging up in my kitchen). And guess what- expiring TODAY (12/23), Minted is offering 15% off Holiday and New Year cards with code FLURRY15.

Happy printing!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but it did not influence my opinion of the products and services offered by Minted.

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  1. That chalk board bBg announcement is so cute and different.


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