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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

In case you were wondering, yes, Aspen is still into Ponies. I got her this super-fun motorized train and a couple of sets of new pony things and we called it good this Christmas. She's been thrilled with the addition to her collection. Kev also got some vintage toys from a job he did, and she's had fun incorporating her ponies into them. He found this amazing old McDonald's restaurant playset that's probably from the 70s and it's so cool. It even still had little people for it (although Aspen prefers to have ponies cook and eat in it).

Christmas selfie

It's so much fun to see others enjoying the things you've done for them, and Aspen is still young enough that she hasn't lost the innocence of Christmas. She had just as much fun handing out presents to others as she did opening her own. She was patient and even still took time to enjoy each present after opening it, rather than simply demanding what else there was. I wish she could stay like that forever!

Kev and I only had Christmas day off work, so it was nice to have absolutely nothing but presents and food planned for the day. We kicked off the feasting with our Baked French Toast and finished the night with a big ol' turkey dinner with most of the trimmings. And we loved having Seth and Sophia with us to help keep Aspen entertained. They even took her on a bike ride so Kev and I could do the after-present-clean up and make phone calls to other family members.

I've been pretty sick during this second pregnancy (mostly in the afternoons and through the evening) so having two extra sets of hands around to pitch in has been such a blessing. And with Sophia visiting until school starts again it's been so helpful to have her watch Aspen while I'm a work (instead of driving Aspen all the way to Amanda's). I'm looking forward to my seasonal job concluding so I'm only working two jobs instead of three for the next little while.

Again, I hope you had a great Christmas!

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  1. merry christmas and CONGRATULATIONS! how exciting! WE NEED TO come check out that train, looks like an awesome toy!

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