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Friday, December 06, 2013

Smells of home

This morning Aspen and I drove to Amanda's house while singing at the top of our lungs. I was singing along with the Christmas carols on the radio while Aspen said the "Christmas ABCs." Oh? You've never heard of the Christmas ABCs? Well, I gathered from our drive this morning that it's just singing the ABCs to the tune of the Christmas song on the radio.

When we got to Amanda's I stepped out of my car and immediately smelled someone's wood stove. It reminded me of home and made me miss it so much. My grandpa had a wood stove in his house in Connecticut, and my parents briefly used the one in their house in Maine (before realizing it was a lost cause). When our small congregation would gather on Sundays for church, you could often smell wood smoke on the clothes of fellow church-goers in neighboring pews.

It's a good smell.

We have a fireplace in our new home, and it is indeed wood-burning. I'm getting so excited to use it that I'm thinking of breaking my kitchen chairs into small pieces and lighting them on fire.

But I'm not so sure Kev would feel happy about that. Also, Aspen hasn't fallen in love with the idea of having a fire INSIDE THE HOUSE and I'm still trying to help her feel comfortable about it. So until she's no longer scared (and I have proper wood) the fireplace will have to wait.

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  1. That will be so fun when you can finally use it. Gotta love things that bring good memories back which reading your post reminded me of one. We used to have a cabin in the uintahs it also had a wood burning stove. We would sleep on the pull out couch and the fire was close to the end of the bed well the end of my dads sleeping bag caught on fire. No damage was done except a small end portion of the sleeping bag :)

    1. That will definitely keep a person's feet warm!!


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