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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A sick day survived

It was around 4am when I heard her cries. I heaved myself out of bed, went to the bathroom and then into her room. She sat up in bed, motioning to the floor while still crying. I asked her what she was trying to tell me.

She said her tummy hurt.

Now, lately, that is a common complaint. I have been pretty sick the last five months and have made a lot of references to my own stomach being upset or sick or hurting me. I have thrown up a lot. So much so that Aspen now mimics me and runs to the bathroom, cupping a hand over her mouth before pretending to throw up in the toilet. She thinks it's funny.

So, when she says her tummy hurts, I'm not sure if that's what she means or if it's just how she's telling me we're alike.

The day before, however, she didn't eat much. She seemed extra lethargic. My instincts were telling me this was legit. She cheerfully came to the bathroom with me for a pee break and told me she had thrown up in bed. I hadn't seen anything when I went in to check on her, so while she sat on her little seat I went back into her room. There was a tiny bit of throw up on the sheets, but I couldn't find much. I thought perhaps she had coughed hard enough to spit up a little.

We finished in the bathroom and I got her back into bed. I pulled all her covers up to her chin and that's when I saw what she had told me about. A nice yucky clump of puke on the duvet cover.

Seeing as how she's so picky about her blankets, I used a wet cloth to clean the duvet cover before turning it around so the wet part was at the foot of the bed. I wanted to try getting a little more sleep before washing all her blankets and ruining our chances of that.

Just in case she still felt sick, I sat in her chair while she tried to go back to sleep. I'm glad I did because every hour from 4-10 she threw up. I managed to get some sleep with her (on the floor, OUCH MY ACHING BACK) between 6 and 7 so it wasn't a total loss. But we were up the rest of the day without a single snooze until her regular bedtime. It made for a very long, very pukey day.

Behold! She eats!
Thankfully she kept liquids and light foods down after 10am. She even jumped around a bit and did some drawing. But it was still a rough day for both of us. We were so excited to be feeling better from the coughs we've had since New Year's, and we had fun plans for the day that we had to cancel. I had to get a sub for my Friday shift in case I catch whatever bug is ailing her. And I had to talk myself off a ledge as my anxiety got the better of me and I imagined Aspen becoming fatally dehydrated. That probably took the most out of me throughout the day.

But thankfully we survived one more sick day. And perhaps tomorrow will be another. And/or I'll find myself puking for non-pregnancy related symptoms this weekend, wishing we never left the house earlier this week to catch whatever hit us. Thank goodness I have Kev around to remind me it's not the end of the world. It's just a pretty miserable situation for a couple of days and then we'll move on with our lives.

But it should definitely be a rule that pregnant women don't catch stomach bugs when they've already spent the last 5 months throwing up.

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  1. Hopefully it was just some 24 hour bug & praying you dont get it. Moms shouldnt be allow to get sick especially where you have been sick all your pregnancy totally shouldnt be allowed. Bailee got the flu three weeks ago..I was just waiting for her to barf..she was pale, totally not herself. Luckily it didnt come until a little bit after we got home from Discovery Gateway & thankfullly no one else got it.

  2. I caught a bug days before Mister was born and threw up for days. I lost something like 11 pounds. 4 days before delivery. That's ok, right? It was the worst, not only because I barfed red Crystal light on my neighbors lawn in the snow, (looked like a murder scene!) but also because you can't control your bladder normally at that stage, let alone while wretching.

    All this to say, feel better.


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