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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


photo via Birchbox
I mentioned once that I wanted to try Birchbox after SueAnn shared a post about it for my Mama Style series, but I waited this long to do anything about it! And I'm actually pretending Kev ordered it for me for Valentine's Day. We NEVER do anything for VDay (besides our taxes) so I don't know what possessed me to choose this holiday as an excuse to subscribe. Maybe it's just sad winter making me do crazy things to break up the monotony of freezing temps and sickness.

So yeah. I ordered the three-month subscription and even got free shipping on a little extra Valentine's Day treat they were offering. I'm so excited to see what comes in my first box... I'm finally replenishing my make up supply FROM COLLEGE so hopefully I'll find some replacement products through Birchbox.

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  1. Fun! I've been wanting to try one of those monthly subscriptions, but can't quite talk myself into biting the bullet (I'm not that great at cancelling once I get into those things:)). I hope it turns out awesome for you! Can't wait to see what you get!

  2. I love my monthly surprises! I tried Birchbox and Ipsy and then decided which one I wanted to keep. I really liked them both, but I kept my Ipsy subscription and I just love getting my bag each month. All the goodies are sooo exciting and I have used some products that I will use forever and ever.


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