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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bob Weottababyitsaboy

Do you remember this commercial? It's all I could think about when I found out baby #2 is a boy. I wanted to call everyone I know Collect and pull this little trick to spread the news.

I've thought throughout this whole pregnancy that this kid simply must be a boy. It was the only reason I thought logical for this pregnancy being so very different than my first (which I know isn't a real scientific answer but I'll take it!). I honestly would have been shocked if Kev and I were having another girl.

Mostly, I'm relieved I don't have to try to pick a girl name that both Kev and I love. We had a couple picked out before Aspen was born, but I've since moved on from those backups and have been having a really hard time finding something else. Now we can move on from that and no one will have to fret that I'm going to name my next kid "Clover" (which is the name I recently became obsessed with that everyone else HATES).

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  1. I love Clover :) Jared would definitely veto that as a girls name but it would be a fun one to run by him, lol. Congrats on the boy!!! Its quite the trip to raise two different genders, you'll do great!

    1. Maybe I'll get a cat and name it clover. I seriously love that name.

  2. Yea for a boy!!! I have a friend with a little girl named Clover, so it's not that unusual. I think boy names are harder to come up with than girls. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations!! That is so great! Boys are fun. I'm sure Kevin is excited to have home-improvement buddy. Hooray!

  4. Hooray! One of each is SO much fun! Boys, oh, they just melt your heart! Can't wait to see this little squirt.

    I agree, though, boys names are HARD.

  5. FUN! Boys are fun yet I have nothing to compare it to since I have two boys, but they are becoming the best of friends and it is priceless. We had names for our babies each time we went to the unveiling for both a boy or a girl. Pretty much Andrew named our boys and I just agreed because I loved the names. I would like to possibly name a little girl maybe one day? We may have to rethink our future. I am so happy pregnancy is treating you well.


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