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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tasty Treats

Seriously enjoying her ice cream
We had a really busy week spring-cleaning and I loved it. Now that we know we're having a boy, I pulled out all of Aspen's baby clothes to sort through them. I have huge piles to take to Kid-to-Kid and managed to find a handful of things that Kev deems manly enough to be worn by his son (meaning, not pink/purple/ruffly/Hello Kitty). I'm relieved we actually had a lot of plain white onesies in NB/0-3 months size so I don't actually have to worry about clothing the new baby for a little while. Although, it was a little painful to look at all of Aspen's tiny little clothes and decide to part with them. I am so proud of myself for whittling the stacks down to a small bag of "keep forever" clothes that I'll be able to give to her someday.

As a treat for a long week of cleaning, organizing and going to work with me, Aspen and I went to Farr's Fresh in Sandy after my shift on Friday. I was probably just as excited as she was! I kept giving her all the encouragement possible so she'd earn this treat- I made her a lunch I knew she'd like so she'd finish it (and therefore deserve the ice cream reward) at work, I gave her extra time to get ready in the mornings, and was really patient during bedtimes this week. I WANTED ICE CREAM, DANGIT.

It was so worth all the extra work on my part because they had a new-to-me flavor of frozen yogurt I was able to inhale. And while Aspen finished off her chocolate custard I sampled every other frozen yogurt/lactose-free option available.


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  1. Aw! Your girl is so sweet... And way to go, you, for getting through what sounds like a bit of a tough week. Congrats!


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