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Monday, January 27, 2014

The other side

Well. I think we survived it. Aspen seemed to be doing fine on Thursday and Friday, but she woke up hysterically screaming bloody murder around 1145 Friday night, covered in puke.

It was quite traumatic for all of us. But Kev and I cleaned her up and cleaned up her bed and spent the next hour trying to calm her down. She kept crying and I think her hysterics prompted her to keep throwing up throughout the next two hours. I DON'T KNOW WHERE SHE GETS THE FLAIR FOR DRAMATICS.

But, thankfully, she seemed to be doing much better on Saturday. We stuck around the house for yet another day and tried not to contaminate anyone else. By 630 Saturday night Aspen was complaining of a tummy ache so Kev and I geared up for another round of puking. She ended up cuddling in my lap and falling asleep before 7, so we crossed our fingers and put her to bed hoping the end was in sight. On Sunday Kev stayed home with Aspen just in case but I had to teach my primary class so I finally escaped the house and went to church. PHEW.

It was a loooong week of confinement and I was especially disappointed that Kev and I had to cancel our Saturday night date. Seth had given us a gift card + free babysitting at Christmas and we were planning to redeem it. But in the wake of puke-gate we figured we shouldn't go. Hopefully we can reschedule for this weekend.

Winter is never a fun time for me, especially when someone gets sick and we can't go do anything. I was moping around the house all day Friday and Saturday, feeling so sorry for us on our third and fourth days of solitary confinement. We took a couple of walks since it was 40 degrees outside (HEAT WAVE!!) but that's not the same as being able to play with friends or even just run errands.
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I've been meaning to try Kiwi Crate (a subscription craft service for kids) and I kept debating about it while we were home-bound. Not that we'd get it during Aspen's stomach bug, but that it would be so nice to have it in the months ahead of us until spring. I think I first saw CJane blog about it last year, and then recently I saw another blogger mention it. Today I got a notice that they're offering 40% off first-time subscriptions (just the first month, using code SHARE) so I decided to go ahead and do it. I did the three-month because I figured by the time it runs out in April/May, warm weather will be upon us and we'll be able to start up some outside playgroups again with friends. 40% off gave me an $8 discount, and if you decide to do a three-month subscription, you can use my referral link and get $10 off (plus shipping is free). You could choose just one crate, too, if you don't want to commit (or go all out and do more!).

I always do little crafts with Aspen throughout the week but they're often pretty weak-sauce. We just use stuff I have on hand, and I can't remember the last time I bought supplies so that's an indicator of how lame our projects sometimes are. I'm hopeful that Kiwi Crates will give us a little boost in creativity and be a lot more fun for Aspen than just stamping, painting, coloring and using pipecleaners/cotton balls on paper.

So there you have it. We made it to the other side of the stomach bug and found the motivation to spice up our art projects, too.

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  1. That sounds like an awful few days. I'm so sorry and I hope you don't have that come up for at least a year or two! :)

    1. I sure am glad it's over, and that it had been so many years since the last stomach bug! We need time to recover from something like that.


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