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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A case of the Mondays

I woke up Monday morning feeling constant discomfort in my hip and leg. I've always had problems with my left hip, but when I regularly exercise it's less consistent. Over the last week I've been walking/jogging and lifting weights, so I've actually been feeling AMAZING compared to the first five months of pregnancy.

So I was really disappointed to have such a bad feeling aching through my body. And, of course, I immediately start thinking I must be going into preterm labor, or the baby is in danger blah blah blah. None of which is likely the case. I'm just that paranoid this time around.

As I got ready for work I kept breaking down. My body hurt. I was nauseous. I didn't want to spend the morning watching a million kids. I just prayed I could get through my shift without throwing up. Thankfully I only spent a few minutes on the work patio, breathing in fresh air to stave off nausea. Aspen was a big help and played well with the other kids, as usual. But when I got home I was so grateful Sophia was visiting so I could lay down and cry about my body being so sucky.

I spent the afternoon in bed, and when I finally decided I should eat something (besides the piece of bread I'd had for lunch) I promptly threw it all up. I AM SO TIRED OF THROWING UP. Please let the barfing be over forever until I die. Please.

One of my friends suggested sitting or laying on a tennis ball to see if it could relieve the pain in my hip/glute/leg. If it was related to my sciatic or IT band, then the ball could be a good trick. So I spent the rest of the night with tennis balls stabbing into the side of my body. And it felt so good! It did more than the stretching and Tylenol combined. I actually slept most of the night with a ball under my body.

This morning I once again woke up with no appetite, and with a little hint of pain still in my lower body. While Aspen ate breakfast I took up residence on the couch, as usual, and tried to rub it all out. A few hours later, I think I my little massage was successful. I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over, but I still have four more months. FOUR MORE MONTHS.

I just cannot believe how crazy difficult it has been. I'm going to need a miracle to avoid more emotional breakdowns (which really means spare Kev more emotional breakdowns, poor guy). I told Kev I wish I could stay in bed the rest of my pregnancy and then both our eyes got wide and I quickly took it back. I promise I don't want mandatory bed rest, universe! I just want to hide away until it's over... and then maybe for a couple of weeks immediately after the baby's born.

And on top of it all, I think of how Aspen is affected by it. I told Sophia I feel like I need to make it up to her that I've been so sick and miserable. Like, teach her about Disneyland, and then take her there. It's no fun when your mom can't/won't do anything because she's too busy throwing up/battling headaches/laying on tennis balls... seriously.

All I can say is this baby brother better be the frickin' bomb to make up for it.

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