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Monday, February 10, 2014

Fashion Swap in Ogden

I saw a notice for a Fashion Swap in Ogden this month and I debated about going, especially if I had to bring Aspen with me. Thankfully I got Mandi to commit to hanging out with us that day so the trip up would really be worth it. I mean, free clothes and a chance to spend an afternoon with an old roommate? Yes, please.

Kev and I both still talk about how much we love Ogden. If it hadn't been for his job opportunity in Salt Lake County, we never would have made plans to leave Ogden. And the move was so sudden that I still feel it's unbelievable we did it. TWO YEARS AGO. Okay, maybe we would've tried North Ogden for a slightly better school district, but we still never planned to go so far from the city we love so much. But the great thing about having moved is we get to keep a lot of our old Ogden friends while adding new friends into the mix.

Aspen had a really great time being crazy at Mandi's house, and she even got some new clothes at the swap, too. She was so surprised about it because I hadn't told her to expect things in her size (in case the clothes turned out to be too small or way too big). She lit up while she tried on a fuzzy pink dress and a heart sweater. She keeps saying it'll be perfect for "Valenstine's" day. Cuuute. It was good to get her some new things because she was a little worried when, a few weeks ago, I stormed her closet and storage to purge all the baby stuff of hers that we can't keep for baby brother. Plus she had to be at SueAnn's one day while I let Sue pick out clothes for her daughter from our stash. It was a little traumatic for her to feel like all her clothes were disappearing, even if she understood they were too small for her.

photo via IndieOgden Insta
I love love love doing Fashion Swaps, and I'm so glad Mikki hosted another one. It was worth the drive up because I even scored some maternity-friendly items... because really... I felt like I was setting myself up for an emotional breakdown by trying on clothes while nearly 6 months pregnant. As it was, I literally sat down and cried when I was sorting my own clothes and deciding what to bring to the swap. I looked at my pile of swimsuits and told Kev I'd never wear them again. I'm so dramatic.


If you ever get a chance to host or attend a clothes swap, do it! I only vaguely know Mikki through the Internet, but I didn't let that stop me from joining.

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  1. Swaps are so fun! I'm bummed I couldn't go in the end, but glad you had a fun day and that you were able to score some good finds!


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