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Friday, February 21, 2014

It's your lucky day - new master closet

We are officially in the midst of another remodel project here at the Lucky House. I'M SO EXCITED. Mostly because Kev is whipping this bad boy out at such a fast pace, and it doesn't involve me doing much of anything except sitting in a chair to watch.

You may recall that the Lucky House had five bedrooms when we purchased it. The two rooms downstairs were totally gutted due to flooding, so Kev rebuilt them (because he's AMAZING). One still serves as the guest room I envisioned, and the other is a fully-finished storage room so I can park my car in the garage (while the other half of the garage can still house Kev's building supplies/man stuff).

Both downstairs rooms are legit bedrooms, meaning they have real-sized closets and big windows. So as we discussed what to do with two of the upstairs bedrooms in terms of maximizing, Kev and I didn't really think twice about converting one into what would be considered a den/office when it came to a future real estate listing.

What this means is that we're stealing the closet from the bedroom adjacent to ours and Kev is building me us another walk-in closet. I KNOW I AM SO SPOILED.

Aspen modeling in front of the baby's old closet and ours.
The Pink House had a gorgeous little walk-in after Kev and Jon had their way with some "spare" bathroom space. We knew we took a risk in that house converting the one and only bathroom into a 3/4 bath, but having a real closet was so worth it to me. In this Lucky House, the closet situation in the master is atrocious, and we knew we'd have to do something about it as we looked through the house before purchasing. It's totally my fault for being a clothes hoarder. And maybe a shoe hoarder, too.

Kev started closed off the closet in what will be the new baby's room (sometimes I refer to him as my barf buddy but "new baby" works well as a nickname, too) and soon he'll break through the existing wall in our closet to join the two closets via a new walk-in closet. Yesssssss.

Once the closet is all framed, we'll paint the baby's room and then move into it while we finally paint our bedroom. I'll be so relieved when I'm no longer staring at ugly, sea-foam greenish walls in my room. I'm telling you, my quality of life will greatly improve. To prepare for having a real closet again, I've pinned a few things for us to glean ideas for getting the most out of the space. Kev said it'll be a few feet bigger than the one we had in the PH, which is good because this time I'll have to share the walk-in (in the PH Kev had a tiny little man closet on the other side of our bedroom). But still, I have literally had dreams about putting my shoes on floor-to-ceiling shelves once again.

Despite the hassle that is once again shuffling things around the whole house while Kev does projects/we paint, it's going to be so worth it. I can't wait!

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  1. What a fun project! Lookin forward to seeing the results, as I'm sure you are too!


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