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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My tiny dancer

Aspen is in her second semester of dance and I'm so thrilled with the class. I just attended the second observation day and it was a blast to watch. She was more involved than last time, and more confident. I remember last semester she had a hard time doing some moves, so she'd just give up and sit down. This time she nailed it. While doing the puddle-jumping, she did get freaked out about getting pretend wet so she had to run and put her crocs on. Yeah... she's weird.

Look at her pointed toes!! I just love this class and what it's doing for her. Miss Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher and she must spend so much time prepping for each class. She even makes the kids little cards or paper trinkets from time to time. I'm excited for Aspen's recital in the Spring so Kev can finally see all her moves. And I'm looking forward to enrolling Aspen in class again in the Fall. Especially since, as of right now, the preschool I was hoping for it FULL. I'm so mad at myself for putting off enrollment. Hopefully someone drops out so we can snatch up a spot! I just want to make sure she has special things all her own once she's no longer an only-child. I'm hopeful I can also squeeze in a few morning naps while she's in classes and the baby (*fingers crossed*) is also snoozing. So... yeah, maybe I want her in preschool and dance for somewhat selfish reasons. Ha!

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  1. She is SO stinking cute! What a fun little class. I hope you're able to get her into the preschool you want. I'm sure she'd love it and you'll have a new baby so you'll need a break too. :)
    I'd really like to put Logan in the program at the YMCA a few mornings a week next fall. Not only so that I can (finally) get a few things done, but he could socialize and spend some time with kids his own age too. It's mutually beneficial. hehe!


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